Clare Moves Forward

Division 5 District Championship Game
Clare vs. Pinconning
Saturday, November 07, 2009 (12 pm)
First Quarter
Pinconning begins the game kicking off to Clare.
Clare began the game with a great run up the middle by #22 (Travis Smith) for 8 yards.
On the same drive, Clare's quarterback #15 (Kris English) on third and 5, keeps the ball and gets himself 15 yards and a first down. Then on the next play #15 (Kris English) keeping the ball in the family, as he throws the ball to his cousin #6 (Matt English) who breaks a few tackles and gets all the way down to about the 15 yard line. The result of the play was a 57 yard catch and another Clare first down.
On the next play, Clare's #6 (Matt English) makes another big play with a 12 yard catch taking the ball down to the 1 yard line. Then #15 (Kris English) keeps it himself running forward for one yard and the touchdown.
After the extra point try was good, the score was 7-0 Clare leading with 9:34 to go in the first quarter.
On Pinconning's first drive, #86 (Travis Garbulinski) makes a nice catch for 10 yards and a first down.
After Clare's defense ended Pinconning's first drive with a tackle for a 3 yard loss, Clare's #15 (Kris English) begins the drive with a big 25 yard pass to #6 (Matt English) who was standing behind the defender and caught the ball with his arms between the defenders head. The result of the play is a first down.
Pinconning's defense would step up and make a huge stop on fourth down forcing Clare to turn the ball over to them on downs.
Pinconning would get their offense going with a big 9 yard run by #21 (Tyler Espitia). Now faced with a 3rd down, #87 (Casey Pashak) would take charge and get 8 yards and a first down on a bruising run.
Later in the drive, Pinconning's #83 (Lucas Foco) rumbled forward for another 15 yards and a first down. Then on 3rd down and 1, he broke away for 19 yards and of course another 1st down.
Second Quarter
Pinconning would begin the quarter and end the drive when #18 (Austin Rivard) kept the ball himself and picked up 6 yards and the touchdown.
After failing to hit the extra point the score was 7-6 with 11:56 to go in the half.
With their first drive of the second quarter, Clare's #15 (Kris English) would get another fast start with a 10 yard pass to #10 (Tyler Beatty), resulting in a first down.
Later in the drive, #22 (Travis Smith) ran the ball to the outside gaining 12 yards and a first down.
Later in the same drive, cheers would quickly turn to boos as Clare's #15 (Kris English) would keep the ball and run for 8 yards to what at first looked like a touchdown, however the referees would conclude that he lost the ball prior to the ball passing the plain and Pinconning would recover the fumble.
Unable to do anything with their gift from Clare, Pinconning would punt the ball back to Clare.
On the next play, Clare's #15 (Kris English) must have felt like celebrating the upcoming holidays a little early, giving the ball right back to Pinconning, this time on an interception by #87 (Casey Pashak).
Later in the quarter, #15 (Samuel Bourcier) for Pinconning would take advantage of the gift from Clare, advancing the ball forward for about 14 yards and a first down.
Later on the same drive, Pinconning also must have been feeling very festive as they would send the gift of a fumble right back to Clare.
Clare would take advantage of the turnover when #22 (Travis Smith) ran for two straight 10 yard first downs.
Pinconning would try to stall Clare's drive with a big sack by #83 (Lucas Foco). However, on the next play (3rd down and 8) Clare's #15 would make amends for his earlier mistakes with a huge 30 yard pass to #80 in the back of the end zone. The result of the pass play is a touchdown.
Following a successful extra point kick, the score is 14-6, under 2 minutes to go in the half.
Not going to lay down before the half, Pinconning's #21 (Tyler Espitia) would run left to the outside and break away for around 51 yards, putting Pinconning in a great position to score before the half.
However, after a minimal gain on first and second down, Pinconning would spike the ball to stop the clock on third down. But it appeared that Pinconning thought that it was spiked on second. After failing they would fail to reach the first down on what was actually fourth down, they tried to get in position to run another play. However, the coaches for Clare and the referees quickly took care of the confusion and the result of this situation was a first down for Clare going the other way.
Clare would let the clock run down and the two teams would head into halftime with the score remaining 14-6, Clare with the lead.
Third Quarter
Pinconning would get the ball back and wasted no time getting their offense going. #18 (Austin Rivard) would drop back and throw the ball deep to a wide open #83 (Lucas Foco) who would grab it and run it all the way in for the touchdown.
Clare would however, keep their lead in the game as they kept Pinconning from converting the 2 point try. The score is now 14-12 with 11:43 to go in the third quarter.
After Clare got the ball back, #42 (Tyler Gillis) would go off for two big plays. First, he would run the ball up the middle for 15 yards. Then on the next play he would do it again, this time for 35 yards.
Later in the drive, Claire's #22 (Travis Smith) would run to the right and break a tackle for a 6 yard touchdown.
After the extra point try failed, a flag for roughing the kicker was thrown in. After the second attempt was successful, the score was 21-12 with 6:23 to go in the third quarter.
Fourth Quarter
Clare would begin the final quarter with a big run by #22 (Travis Smith) for 15 yards and a first down.
Later in the drive, Clare's #6 (Matt English) would make it a little harder for Pinconning, he would break about 3 tackles on his way to a huge 20 yard touchdown catch on third down and 7.
After the extra point try was successful, the score was 28-12 with 8:20 to go in the game.
Later in the quarter, Pinconning's #83 (Lucas Foco) would try to get his team in position to come back as he runs the ball for around 16 yards and a first down.
Then on a fourth down, #18 (Austin Rivard) would run to the outside and dive forward, extending just enough for the first down. The result of the play was 11 yards and a first down. Then he would do it one last time for 15 yards and a touchdown.
After failing to get the 2 point conversion, the score was 28-18 with 2:03 to go in the game.
Pinconning would an onside kick to keep their hopes alive, but Clare managed to grab it. After running a few plays to run out the clock, the game was over.
The Final score was 28-18, Clare Winning the Division 5 District Championship.
Despite losing, Pinconning played an outstanding game. The score is absolutely misleading because even on the last drive, it was thrilling. Excellent game and they have nothing to be ashamed about.
Clare's offense won this game with the charge led by quarterback #15 (Kris English), running back #22 (Travis Smith) and wide receiver #6 (Matt English). All three of them played exceptionally well and definitely helped their team get a pivotal win.