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Jim Harbaugh assesses local Detroit players at coaches clinic

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh speaking to local high school coaches in Detroit.

DETROIT - Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff directed a coaches clinic Wednesday night in Detroit at the Horatio Williams Foundation. The room was full of Detroit area high school coaches, a few who have sent their players to UofM, like Cass Tech's Thomas Wilcher and King's Tyrone Spencer, and the first thing Harbaugh did was take a portion of his speaking time out to let the coaches know who their players were doing. Harbaugh gave assessments on early-enrollee freshmen, and others who have already been on campus a year or more.

"(He's) doing a incredible job. He has come in as a very polished athlete, both technically, and mature. (He's) a winner and champion all the way. He has been outstanding."

"Two-time state champion. He's been outstanding. He's been outstanding, a competitor, it's important to him, he's doing a fabulous job."

"He has made all the practices, he has gone hard, he's very quick, just has a lot of dart. He's not afraid of anything, and has a real nose for the football. He has been outstanding."

"He has changed his body like no other player on our team. He has really gotten lean. He had an elbow that was bothering him. He wanted to play, but we shut him down about the midway point through the spring, and he is going to do a heck of a job."

"(He's) right there vying for a starting position at right guard for us right now. (He) is really playing with great technique, and is carrying that over and building on it from practice to practice. He's the heaviest guy on the team, and he's another guy that needs to watch his diet and slim down. He's 372"

"He's arguably our most talented corner on the team. Got to build a little more callous. He missed a few too many practices this spring, but the ones that he able to be in he definitely showed he was right there. He's talented as a guy can be, so we're very excited about him as well."

"He has asserted himself on the defensive line, and I think this is really his opportunity. We have a lot of graduation on the defensive line, and he is definitely in the top five of our defensive linemen right now at this point."

He's in a battle right now with Henry Poggi at fullback, but there's no question his talent, his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, and block. He is a complete package as fullback. I don't where he's eating, though. He is finding somewhere else to eat other than our cafeteria, because he keeps gaining weight. He's got to get the weight down, he's too heavy right now. It's effected his vertical jump, and 40-yard dash."

"He didn't do much this spring. He rolled his ankle in winter conditioning, and hasn't been able to do much."

"There's a guy. We have moved Tru. He came in playing in the secondary as a safety, and we watched the way he was moving in camp, and suggested that he play running back. You saw him rip off some real good gains in the spring game. He is battling right now that third spot on the depth chart. He is a solid fourth guy, fifth guy, and we will see coming out of the summer where exactly he is in our rotation."